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What is a QEEG?

A QEEG is a non-invasive, scientific, evidence based assessment tool that is used to identify areas of dysregulation in a person’s brain that are likely causing symptoms, such as sleep disturbance, emotional or behavioural difficulties, or learning problems. A QEEG compares the person’s brainwave profile to the norm for his or her age and gender. Because the brain controls every aspect of learning, behaviour, mood and general functioning, the brainwave profile correlates extremely well with the symptoms. Various factors are investigated, which comprehensively contribute to greater understanding of the cause of the symptoms and an effective plan for remediation.

A QEEG measures the electrical functioning of the brain and not the structure.

This tool is not intended to be used in isolation or to replace the medical opinion of a physician, neurologist or other professional, but rather as part of a comprehensive assessment of functioning.

QEEG has “a level of specificity and sensitivity that is comparable to sonograms, blood tests, MRIs and other diagnostic measures commonly used in clinical practice.” (Thatcher, Moore, John et al, 1999).

What is the difference between a QEEG and a standard EEG?

A standard EEG is used primarily to diagnose epilepsy.

A QEEG is used to identify areas of the brain that cause inefficient processing in the brain. To analyse quantitatively, we use the data that is collected for a standard EEG. Therefore a standard EEG is done at the same time. Separate reports will be provided by Irene Masters, neurophysiologist, on the standard EEG and the QEEG findings. In QEEG reports, brainwave comparisons are presented as numbers, graphs, and colour coded brain maps.

What happens during a QEEG? What preparation must be done beforehand?

For information about what happens during the QEEG recording and preparation that needs to be done, please download the QEEG Info Document. The QEEG Questionnaire also needs to be completed and brought with to the appointment.

How do I make an appointment?

To make an appointment for a QEEG, please contact us. If you would like more information about QEEG or how this assessment might be of benefit to you or to your child, contact Justine Loewenthal via justine@bonadeacentre.co.za.