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QEEG Articles

The Development Of A Quantitative Electroencephalographic Scanning Process For An Attention Deficit-hyperactivity Disorder

- (Vincent J. Monastra, Joel F. Lubar and Michael Linden)

Assessing Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Via Quantitative Electroencephalography: An Initial Validation Study

- (Vincent J. Monastra, Joel F. Lubar, Michael Linden, Peter VanDeusen, George Green, William Wing, Arthur Phillips and T. Nick Fenger)

Clinical Advantages Of Quantitative Electroencephalogram (QEEG)–electrical Neuroimaging Application In General Neurology Practice

- (J. Lucas Koberda, Andrew Moses, Paula Koberda and Laura Koberda)

Medication Prediction With Electroencephalography Phenotypes And Biomarkers

- (Jay Gunkelman)

Standards For The Use Of Quantitative Electroencephalography (QEEG) In Neurofeedback: A Position Paper Of The International Society For Neuronal Regulation

- (D. Corydon Hammond, Jonathan Walker, Daniel Hoffman, Joel F. Lubar, David Trudeau, Robert Gurnee and Joseph Horvat)

Quantitative EEG And Neurofeedback In Children And Adolescents

- (Deborah R. Simkin, Joel Lubar and Robert W. Thatcher)

Quantitative EEG Characteristics Of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder In Adults

- (Silvana Markovska-Simoska and Nada Pop-Jordanova)

History Of The Scientific Standards Of QEEG Normative Databases

- (Thatcher, R.W. and Lubar, J.F.)

A Predator-Prey Model of Human Cerebral Development

- (Robert W. Thatcher)

Parametric vs. Non-Parametric Statistics of Low Resolution Electromagnetic Tomography (Loreta)

- (R. W. Thatcher, D. North and C. Biver)

Mapping the Structural Core of Human Cerebral Cortex

(P. Hagmann, L. Cammoun, X. Gigandet, R Meuli, C. J. Honey, V. J. Wedeen and O. Sporns)

Quantitative EEG And The Frye And Daubert Standards Of Admissibility

- (R.W. Thatcher, C.J. Biver, and D. North)

Validity And Reliability Of Quantitative Electroencephalography (QEEG)

- (R.W. Thatcher)

Sensitivity And Specificity Of An EEG Normative Database: Validation and Clinical Correlation

- (R.W. Thatcher, R.A. Walker, C.J. Biver,, D. M. North, and R. Curtin)

Development Of Cortical Connections As Measured By EEG Coherence And Phase Delays

- (R.W. Thatcher)