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Assessments offered

Psycho-Educational Assessments

When a student is identified as experiencing difficulties at school, a referral is often made to an educational psychologist for a psycho-educational assessment. The student’s development cognitively, educationally and emotionally is assessed. This assists in identifying what underlying difficulties the student may be experiencing and his/her support needs. Psycho-educational assessments are done in order to identify possible barriers to learning and development. In some cases they provide a diagnosis and assist in the development of supportive intervention strategies which best suit your child’s specific learning needs. Psycho-educational assessments help us discover potential barriers within your child’s cognitive, scholastic, developmental, perceptual and emotional domains of functioning. Specific difficulties that can be assessed for include but are not limited to: difficulty with speed of work, concentration difficulties, possible ADHD, visual processing difficulties such as dyslexia, auditory processing difficulties, developmental and learning delays, reading/writing/spelling or mathematics difficulties.

School Readiness Assessments

A child is assessed for readiness for formal schooling, including cognitive, educational and emotional readiness. It assists with making informed decisions about how to proceed and if a child is ready to progress to grade 1 and if they have any specific support needs.

Accommodations/Concession Assessments

Accommodations/Concession assessments are done to determine whether a learner needs specific accommodations to achieve to their potential. They are usually done in high school and are required by education departments and the IEB to be granted concessions/accommodations. Accommodations/Concession may include extra time, a separate venue, a prompter, a scribe, a reader, spelling and others.

Career guidance/Subject choice assessments

This assessment offers a journey of self-discovery in order to ultimately help identify the best suited career path for you as an individual. It is widely understood that a person is more likely to succeed and find their work enjoyable and rewarding in a career where their unique personality, values, abilities and interests come together. As such, this assessment joins together the person’s individual profile in order to identify the best suited subject choice and/or career options. Subject choice assessment take place before a learner chooses their subjects at the end of Grade 9.

The assessment process

  1. Firstly, an intake interview is conducted with the child’s parents or individual being assessed (in the case of a career or subject choice assessments) in order to gain an understanding of the reasons for the assessment, background information and to discuss the assessment process. The intake interview is 50 minutes in length and can be conducted in person or via Zoom or Google Meet.
  2. A psycho-educational assessment is conducted over two days (two 3 hour sessions). A variety of assessment instruments are administered which focus on understanding cognitive, scholastic, perceptual, developmental and emotional domains of functioning. This allows me to gain a thorough understanding of any contributing factors which are currently impacting your child’s holistic functioning.
  3. Lastly, a feedback session is conducted with the parents or individual being assessed 3 – 4 weeks after the completion of the assessment. The assessment results are reviewed, analysed and interpreted and final recommendations are made to best suit your child’s specific needs. A comprehensive written report is given to the parents, and all results and recommendations will be communicated to you in this feedback session.

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