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IMAGO Relationship Therapy

Imago Relationship Therapy is a form of marriage counselling or relationship therapy that was developed by Harville Hendrix PhD. This approach to communication comes out of new understandings about the relational paradigm and is an effective, loving and compassionate approach to bridging the distance between people. Learning the "Imago Dialogue" allows people to move from blame and reactivity, to understanding and empathy, so they can create a deeper connection with each other. By attending regular therapy sessions (weekly or more often) you will receive the tools, knowledge and guidance to help transform even the most difficult aspects of your relationship into opportunities for growth, healing and joy through expert coaching.

Imago Relationship Therapy is helpful for:

  • New couples
  • Pre-marital counselling
  • Couples who have been together for many years
  • Couples who have to make a decision about the future of their relationship
  • Family relationships
  • Colleagues

Couples also have the option of attending a Two-day Couples Intensive Workshop. This is a good option for you if you will find it difficult to attend regular sessions or when time is of the essence. The couple spends two days (8h00 to 17h00) with the therapist to cover the theory and practice the tools of Imago Relationship Therapy. Many couples find attending both the Two-day Couples Intensive and regular follow-up couples therapy sessions complementary and extremely beneficial in boosting the Imago Therapy process.

Imago Relationship Therapy as a form of marital counselling is for you if:

  1. You want to enrich an existing good relationship
  2. You are starting a new relationship and want it to last
  3. You are tired of being in an unsatisfactory relationship and want to learn to acquire the love you want
  4. Your relationship is on the rocks and you need to make a decision about it
  5. You are in a difficult relationship and want to resolve intense conflict
  6. Couples considering divorce or trying to overcome an affair can greatly benefit from this work, as they receive the skills and tools needed to restore their love and commitment with one another
  7. Couples looking to refresh their love and find a sense of renewed romance also benefit from the two-day intensive and/or regular therapy.

Read more about the changing stages of relationships here.

The following will be covered in the Imago Therapy process:

  • Learn how to create a safe space in which conflict can be processed constructively.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the real sources of your frustrations and pain.
  • Gain a thorough understanding of your power struggle and how you co-created the situation.
  • How to work with current frustrations to move from being stuck to creative possibilities.
  • Transformation, because you need to change if you want something to be different. The art here is not to change for the sake of the relationship (because you sacrifice or compromise yourself or your partner) but because both of you want to grow, expand, discover, and transform as individuals. It is not about losing yourself in a relationship but rather about finding yourself because you are in a relationship.
  • Re-romanticize the relationship (including love).
  • Your relationship vision.
  • Fee structure:

    Regular therapy sessions are charged at the 50-minute rate (R1300). Clients may be able to claim a portion from their medical savings.


"You’re never too young to do this"

- Ashley, 26

"This is an amazing experience! I would definitely recommend it to friends and family"

- Riaan, 42

"Brilliant! After 14 years of a mediocre marriage,
I feel we are on the brink of a new one"

- Hilke, 39

"A must for all relationships"

- Jan, 48

"This is very beneficial and will save many relationships"

- Richard, 54

"This taught me how to be a better parent"

- Joe, 35

"I simply feel closer to my partner"

- Anon, 45

"Thank you Trix for an amazing experience. Keep up the life-changing work!"

- Anon, 37

"Fantastic! Totally exceeded expectations. Opened a door to a brand new relationship"

- Bryan, 52